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Welcome to EvaSophia Aesthetics.

We’re a non-surgical, cosmetic clinic that believes in reclaiming confidence. We’re all beautiful, inside and out – and it’s time to feel good in our skin again.

Our modern, safe, and reliable treatment procedures will help you transform the way you see yourself. Every day. At EvaSophia, we’re proud to offer an extensive selection of aesthetic procedures to bring out your smile and help reclaim your confidence.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Dermal fillers
  • Anti-ageing injections

  • Vampire Facelifts

  • Hairline rejuvenation

  • Sunekos therapy

  • Micro needling

  • Dermaplaning

  • Semi-permanent eyelashes

Let’s fall in love with our reflection again.

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Why we’re different

We’re not only pleased to offer our clients bespoke, unique, and high-quality procedures.

With every procedure from EvaSophia, you can expect:

Qualified Professionals
Every aesthetic treatment we provide will be conducted by a qualified health practitioner.

Exclusive Products
To make you feel the best, we’ll only ever use the best products and the safest equipment.

Safety is our top priority at EvaSophia. That’s why we’ll always make sure you are comfortable, safe, and suitable for each procedure.

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EvaSophia Aesthetics | Dermal Fillers in Kirkby, Liverpool
EvaSophia Aesthetics | Dermal Fillers in Kirkby, Liverpool

Who We Are

At EvaSophia, we believe in helping clients reclaim their confidence – inside and out.

We’re a non-surgical, aesthetic treatment clinic, providing lovely clients with safer solutions for happier mornings, nights, and all the hours in-between.

Our driving passion is simple: through non-surgical, aesthetic treatments, EvaSophia Aesthetics will help you love your reflection again.
And our story goes back further than you think.

As soon as she turned 18, Emma Roach packed up and left for university to complete a Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE) in general nursing. For over 14 years, Emma has been a registered senior nurse, working in a specialist unit.

She’s now a ward Sister, responsible for the care of extremely vulnerable patients.

Whilst carrying out her nursing responsibilities, Emma decided to set up her own non-surgical treatment clinic – EvaSophia Aesthetics.

EvaSophia is proud to be a client-focused clinic where Emma applies her medical knowledge and care skills – all in a professional environment where customers feel safe, confident, and comfortable.

This is our core ethos – understanding the needs of our clients as soon as they walk in, and going above and beyond with procedures that do more than enhance appearance.

We know that if any of our staff were to have any procedures, they would want to feel safe in the hands of a qualified professional who upholds a confidential duty of care.

You can’t offer meaningful care otherwise.

That’s why, when you pay us a visit, we’ll take all the necessary steps to make you feel at home.

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A Small Note

EvaSophia are proud to be a reputable, client-oriented clinic. With every procedure we administer, we strive to make it your best.

Your safety and satisfaction are paramount to our qualified nurses, and we will make every effort to ensure your stay with us is as unique as the last.

We believe achieving amazing results shouldn’t depend on surgical risk; that’s why we’re proud to help clients look and feel their best. Every time.

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EvaSophia Aesthetics | Dermal Fillers in Kirkby, Liverpool

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