Treatment Options

Our EvaSophia treatments are here to help bring out your smile.

Here’s what our professional clinic can do for you:

*Please note: all procedures at EvaSophia require clients to return for a standard, routine check.

Dermal fillers & Anti-ageing injectables

As we smile, laugh, and cry through life, the collagen in our skin gradually wears away. As a result, our skin’s elasticity, volume, and fullness depletes.

Our anti-ageing and dermal filler procedures will restore your skin’s youthful appearance and leave a fuller, softer texture.

Get your age-defying look and reclaim your confidence.

Dermal fillers are cosmetic, non-surgical treatments administered by small injections into the face.

Our treatments help soften wrinkles, add elastic volume to the skin, and provide a beautiful, rounded finish to the face.

If you want to combat wrinkles and enhance your facial definitions, a dermal filler treatment is for you.

By lifting the skin and rejuvenating its appearance, dermal fillers are the perfect treatment if you need aesthetic improvements.

Dermal fillers are one of the most popular and affordable ways our clients can achieve a youthful, full appearance, all without losing their natural beauty.

These procedures are the UK’s No 1 treatment, helping to iron out wrinkles, uneven skin, and facial lines – all without stepping into the operating theatre.

At EvaSophia, we offer clients safe, reliable, and effective anti-wrinkle procedures to minimise wrinkles and even out rough skin.

Both dermal fillers and anti-ageing injections are non-surgical, cosmetic procedures that help you achieve a youthful glow.

Though they are minimally invasive to our health, they do differ in several ways.

Anti-wrinkle injectables, most commonly referred to as BOTOX® (other treatments are available), contain a purified form of the botulinum toxin bacteria. By freezing muscles under the skin, BOTOX® helps to significantly reduce the severity of wrinkles, lines, and other aesthetic anomalies caused by facial movements.

BOTOX® procedures are favoured by those looking for a more permanent treatment.

On the other hand, dermal fillers do not contain neurotoxins, and work by plumping up the skin with hyaluronic acid, a compound naturally found in the tissue.

Clients typically return every four to six months.

Anti-ageing Injections & Vampire Facelifts in Kirkby, Liverpool


One of the safest procedures available to our clients is dermaplaning. By exfoliating the epidermis, this treatment fully hydrates, protects, and rejuvenates the skin for longer lasting results.

By removing the fine vellus hair (commonly referred to as your peach fuzz), the skin is left soft to the touch and beautifully smooth.

Dermaplaning is ideal for clients who experience dry/rough skin.

Is it painful?

Though this procedure may sound painful, when done right, dermaplaning is just like any other shave.

Are there any side-effects?

There are no serious side effects with this treatment. So, following the procedure, you can get back to your busy day!

Microneedling (Dermapen)

Our bodies heal – a lot. And when they heal, new cells are formed to protect the surface.

During a Microneedling procedure, tiny needles are administered across the selected areas.

Through this micro-trauma, the derma (a layer of skin) is encouraged to rebuild, helping to develop the elastin protein and leaving a tighter, youthful appearance.

40 minutes prior to the small injections, EvaSophia use a numbing cream for a more pleasurable experience.

Microneedling is commonly used by dermatologists to alleviate the following skin-related conditions:

Loose skin


Like with any minimal needle procedure, the most common side effect is slight skin irritation and areas of redness immediately after the treatment.

Chemical peels

A chemical peel is a popular treatment used to improve and smoothen the skin’s surface.

By inducing a controlled injury to the very top layer of the skin, the chemical peel solution encourages skin cell replenishment, leaving a more natural, fresher appearance.

What side-effects can I expect after the procedure?

After a chemical peel, it is completely normal to experience some redness and scaling which usually lasts no more than a week.

Vampire facelift

The Vampire Facelift is a non-surgical, routine procedure that lifts the lines of the face, rejuvenating the surface and leaving a glowing, youthful appearance.

As well as brightening the skin tone, vampire facelifts reduce skin sagging and leave the skin feeling fresher and softer.

The procedure is named vampire facelift as we use your own blood to enhance your features!

Using a centrifuge, red bloods are separated from the plasma before being reinjected into the face or hairline.

What are the benefits of a vampire facelift?

This is a non-surgical procedure with all the benefits of a conventional surgical treatment. As the healing skin cells get to work, you won’t have to worry about recovering from being under the knife!

Anti-ageing Injections & Vampire Facelifts in Kirkby, Liverpool


Sunekos is a new, patented procedure in the industry.

Containing amino and hyaluronic acids, the small injections rejuvenate the skin by encouraging rapid skin cell replenishment.

The Sunekos treatment is very similar to dermal fillers in that it creates a tighter, plump finish.

However, Sunekos is not as invasive as fillers – leaving it the ideal treatment for clients who are not yet interested in fillers but would still like to achieve their aesthetic results.


Our popular eyelash treatment involves the client sitting comfortably for around 30 minutes to 1 hour so we can apply the eyelashes of their choice.